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AEE On Demand Program FAQs

Need further help or have an idea for a course? Contact Terese, 770-925-9633.


Q) Who is Peach New Media?

A) Peach New Media is the event services company managing our webinars. They manage both the registrations and the technology to ensure a successful and professional event.

If you need further information about Peach New Media, you can email support@peachnewmedia.com or call the help desk at (877) 728-3904.


Q) Do AEE members receive a discount towards On Demand seminars?

A)  Yes, each course module has a regular price, an AEE member price. The series packaged (bundle) price is at a discounted price.

Q)  I have logged in and viewed an on demand module I purchased.  How do I receive my course certificate showing my attendance?

A)  After you view a session, you navigate to your My Credit page. There you will click the Submit Credit Request button next to the course you have completed. You will be prompted to sign your name and confirm you want to submit a request to receive credit for that course. Once you have submitted, you will be able to access and download a PDF copy or print a copy of your certificate.

Q) I am taking a course that is for a certification program.  How / where do I take the exam?

A) An attendee must view all modules for a given certification course.  For example, if there are six, two-hour modules, an attendee must view all six.  For attendees in the US and Canada, they will contact the appropriate Certification Director for testing options (either at a testing center or at an existing live AEE seminar). For detail certification information, click here

If you have specific certification questions, please contact the appropriate certification director.
CEM & BEP – Helen Johnson, helen@aeecenter.org
CLEP, CDSM & CRM – Francine Seskin, francine@aeecenter.org 
EEP – Michelle Zakin, mzakin@aeecenter.org 
International Testing – If you are an international attendee and a testing center is not available to you, please contact Mary Elise, maryelise@aeecenter.org for possibly taking an exam at a local AEE chapter or to an alternative location.

Q) Does my On Demand course meet AEE Re-Certification CEU requirements?

A) Yes, all On Demand classes meet the CEU requirement for Certification renewals.  Simply submit your hours to AEE Renewal Department during your renewal period with course info contained on your certificate.

Q) How long after purchasing may I view a course?

A) Attendee have 60 days to view a course module, and 90 days when purchasing a bundle.  

Q) I am not able to view a purchased module.

A) If you are experiencing technical issues with any course, please contact Peach New Media:
Or use the Email Us tab at the bottom of any page.

Q) I would like to pay for a course with a purchase order or check.

A) Contact Terese Lavallee terese@aeecenter.org or at 770-925-9633


Q) Do I have to purchase all modules in a series?

A) No, you can select only the ones which interest you.  You can mix and match to optimize your training and gain CEU / PDH. 
Note: If you are utilizing to take an AEE Certification, you must view all modules in a series.

Q) Are courses for individuals or can multiple people view?

A) Courses are for individual viewing only and cannot be shared. Only the registered attendee (account holder) will receive course credit.



Need further help or have an idea for a course? Contact Terese, 770-925-9633.