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Here is your opportunity to practice certain principles of energy management and exercise the tools necessary to prepare for the Certified Energy Managers exam.

The instructor will walk through solutions to all the sample problems. 

These sample questions are designed to test your skills and improve your comprehension of the body of knowledge for the Certified Energy Manager exam.  The questions are divided into two, 45 question sets, which take approximately two hours to complete each of the modules.  The sample questions are weighted similarly to those listed in the CEM body of knowledge and cover a cross-section of problems.  All topics will have at least one question and some will have several.  These question help provide a format to exercise your preparatory material, calculator skills, and mental agility.  You have the leisure of progressing through the questions slowly or with a time-clock, and the ability to watch an instructor solve every question, or just the ones you want to review.  

Module Objectives
  • Conceptualize the time constraints associated with the exam and the variation of topics
  • Organize their material in order to cycle through various references to look-up details
  • Practice the conversion from words and numbers to concepts, equations and actual customer value
Module 1 - Practice Questions for CEM Certification
CLINT D. CHRISTENSON, C.E.M., is currently a consultant and instructor providing optimization services for industrial, commercial and institutional customers. He previously served as Senior Buildings Engineer for Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Senior Energy Engineer with NORESCO, Inc., and the Director of Advanced Solutions for Johnson Controls, Inc. Clint served as the Director of Oklahoma State University's Industrial Assessment Center while pursuing a Ph.D. His broad experience in energy management has included the conducting of over 150 industrial, commercial, and institutional energy surveys over 20 years. He has published widely in the energy field, and made numerous presentations at national and international conferences.  


Module 2 - Practice Questions for CEM Certification
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Preview Module 1 - Practice Questions for CEM CertificationPreview Module 1 - Practice Questions for CEM Certification
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